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Surgical Procedures


For all face related surgical procedures


For lengthening or increasing girth for men

Remove excess skin and tighten stomach muscles


For body sculpting and stubborn fat removal


For reduction or removal of excess breast caused by glands

lips lift surgery

Page under development

Improve misshapen ears or odd sized ears

For reconstructing drooping or sagging eyelids


Non-Surgical Procedures

Facelift with no surgical involvement


Reducing fine lines, congestion and puffy eyes


Hydrates skin improving collagen production


Fights signs of premature ageing

Boost your immune system after recent illness


Designed to shift hard pockets of fat

Dermis rejuvenation treatment

Fights signs of premature ageing


Helps reduce pigmentation issues

Body Sculpting Check it out Recovering from a recent pregnancy or from drastic weight loss, check out our body sculpting offers? Summer Body Let us know Thinking about Summer and your confidence levels around your figure? Why not discuss your options with our qualified team of consultants?