Dr Constantino Davide

Dr Constantino Davide

Plastic Surgeon

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“Beauty is balanced and harmonious proportions”: this is the belief Doctor Costantino Davide follows as a plastic surgeon.

“Beauty is balanced and harmonious proportions”: this is the belief Doctor Costantino Davide follows as a plastic surgeon.

His philosophy is to perform moderate and never excessive or disproportionate procedures, in order to obtain harmonious results that are far from vulgarity and always tasteful.

It is more and more common to resort to plastic and cosmetic surgery. Today these surgical procedures are a medium to feel better with oneself and to begin a new way of establishing relationships with the outside world, therefore they also have a strong psychological value.


Medical and Surgical degree at the University of Trieste (Italy)

State qualification to the profession as a physician at the University of Bologna (Italy)


Enrollment in the province of Trieste’s Medical Council

Visitor- doctor in the Special Surgical Pathology Institute of the Medical University of Trieste

Admission at the 102nd course for Military Medical Officers at the military school “Scuola di Sanità Militare” in Florence (Italy)

1989 – 1991

Medical Officer and Executive Manager of the Health System of the “ 9° Gruppo Squadroni Carri Lancieri di Firenze” in Sgonico (Trieste, Italy)

1991 – 2002

Full-time 1st Level Assistant in the “Special Surgical Pathology Institute” and then in the “Surgical Clinic Institute” of the University of Trieste in Cattinara Hospital (Trieste, Italy)


Degree as Specialist in “Plastic Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgery” at the University of Padua (Italy)


graduation in “Plastic Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery” at prof. Ivo Pitanguy’s  “Carlos Chagas Post Graduation Institute” in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

FROM 2002

Consultant Plastic Surgeon for the “Sanatorio Triestino” clinic in Trieste (Italy), and later for the “Salus” clinic in Trieste (Italy)

N 2013

Consultant Plastic Surgeon for the “Salus Tirana Hospital” in Tirana (Albania)

Collaboration with the AICPE Onlus and AVITA at the Afagnan Hospital in Togo

FROM 2016 TO 2018: Plastic surgeon at the “Alliance Medical Center”, the “Cosmesurge and Emirates Hospital” and the “Dubai London Clinic” in Dubai (UAE)

Currently working in Trieste, Rome and in London

  • Member of AICPE (Italian Association of Plastic Cosmetic Surgery)
  • Member of the SICPRE (Italian Society for Plastic Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery)
  • Correspondent member of the SBCP (Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery)
  • Member of ISAPS (International Society of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery)
  • Member of ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons)
  • Member of ESPS (Emirati Society of Plastic Surgeons)
  • Member AEXPI (Former prof. Pitanguy’s residents association) and of the European Association of former prof. I. Pitanguy’s residents
  • Member of AITEB (Italian Association Cosmetic Therapy with Botulin Toxin)
  • Member of EAFPS (European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery)
  • Member of the “European Academy Ivo Pitanguy”
  • Registered at the Specialist Register of the GMC London (UK)
  • Member of ARPLEG / AIGEF (Association for Aesthetics of Female Genitals)
  • Member of AMI HI–TECH (Italian Association Hi Tech Doctors)
  • Member of GTVER (Triveneto-Emiliano-Romagnolo Group of Plastic surgeons)
  • Former member of OCR “School of Oncological Reconstructive Surgery” Cancer Institute Milan (Italy)
  • Former member of SIS “Italian School of Senology”

Plastic Surgeon

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